in Colle

Time runs fast when we devote it to the things that we care most: this my grandparents knew, then my parents, and now it’s true also for me. It’s about one hundred years since my family began to work in these vineyards, with passion and dedication, making a simple dream become a wonderful reality, that we proudly tell every day with our wines.


Without hurrying,
as Nature teaches to us.

Time is our lead: its slow and unceasing flowing taught us to act at the right moment, to observe the succession of the seasons, of the sunny days and the rainy ones. Nature gifted us with this land, rich and prosperous, where we work every day following the teachings passed on by who, before us, learned the Art of “knowing to wait”. Thus, the joy of the grapeharvest arrives: when the wait changes into happiness and our grapes into wine, and we enjoy the pleasure of the reward after so much work.